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Thanks to the generous support of all these companies, together with the membership fee of our loyal membership, ETCO can further develop as a professional organisation.

With the amount several expenses will be covered: Administrative working costs and office support, Board meetings, Certification Committee, Web page Committee and other initiatives. Contact us for sponsor possibilities

Etco Congress 2013
Etco Congress 2013

A little about our organisation

  • Coordination of organ and tissue procurement and subsequent transplantation requires the commitment of a dedicated professional group.

    Transplant coordinators are employed world wide and form an essential component of this complex process which requires technical, organizational and communication skills.

    The European Transplant Coordinators Organization (ETCO) was set up in 1983 to represent all those working as Transplant Coordinators in Europe and around the world to promote organ and tissue donation in all member countries.

    ETCO organises congresses and annual meetings, international and national workshops and collaborates with Organs, Tissues and Cells Journal to publish and disseminate research in this field and produces a web to promote and inform about relevant issues and provide members with information about ETCO and the field of organ procurement, donation and transplantation.

    ETCO provides the ideal forum in which members can share skills and experience and work towards a comprehensive strategy to ensure that all families are offered the option of donation and that maximum organ retrieval rates are maintained to support the transplant programmes.

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Jan 29, 2013
Jan 29, 2013