Leptitox Review

Today, over 70% of adult Americans are said to tip the scales higher or much higher than a clinically healthy individual. Whats more, the World Health Organisation has explicitly reported that 4 in 10 adults around the world aged 18 or over are overweight or obese. These cases are expected to increase year on year. Despite all the publicity weight loss has had, as well as the promises made by big brands over the years we are still lagging behind what can be described as ideal body weight.

“Take longer walks”, “Exercise daily”, “Go to the gym”, “Fast twice a week”, “Eat low carb” are just some of the advice given to us by doctors and other health professionals in a bid to achieve the ideal body weight. Most of us do what we are told but yet are no closer to attaining the reward offered. This implies a flaw in conventional methods, perhaps it doesn’t address the problem well enough. Similar thoughts ran on one man’s mind just a few years ago when he set out to find a weight loss solution that would work for his wife.

Morgan Hurst had watched his wife try countless weight loss plans and routines only to see her end up yo-yo dieting – Where because she wasn’t able to stick routines she eventually put all the weight back on. This was until he helped her target her hunger rather than her body weight. In this Leptitox review, you will learn about the diet supplement Morgan created to finally hep his wife reduce her body weight and has also been able to keep it off for good.

What is it?

Leptitox is a new dietary supplement that was introduced in October 2019, to fight leptin resistance, the underlying cause of weight gain and obesity. When we eat, our fat cells release a hormone called Leptin into our brains. This hormone then acts as signals that indicate to the brain the level of nutrients and energy we have consumed. The brain reacts by reducing our appetite to bring us to feeling full.

Leptin resistance, on the other hand, is where the level of signals being transferred to the brain is reduced, so the brain does not respond well to food intake meaning it does not make us feel full once we have consumed the right amount of nutrients and energy needed by our body. Hence we continue eating, the excess energy becomes fat. In time weight gain is inevitable. Unfortunately, this is an issue common in all overweight individuals. Leptitox is a supplement can help anyone become leptin resistant free to attain optimal body weight without the risk of putting excess weight back on.

How does it work?

Leptitox addresses Leptin Resistance by revitalizing the system, lowering inflammation, improving functions of some key organs like the kidney and cleansing the body of Endocrine Disruptor chemicals. This restores leptin functions and in turn, enables an overweight individual to feel full as soon as their body gets the right amount of nutrients they need. By eating just the right amount of food they lose excess fat and so become slimmer over time. Fat is reduced in all parts of the body including stomach and love handles.

What do you get?

Each bottle of Leptitox contains 60 tablets, of which the recommended intake is 2 tablets per day. Each tablet is packed with 22 high-quality nutrients and plant extracts which on intake helps detoxify the body of harmful chemicals like tributyltin (TBT), Bisphenol A (BPA), both Endocrine disruptors that can have such effects on the human body as being the likely cause of birth defects, cancer tumors, epilepsy and more.

Some of its key ingredients are::

Marian Thistle: Also known as Milk Thistle, this is an anti-aging plant extract with detoxification agents.

Grape Seeds: Reduces blood pressure, blood flow, oxidative damage, and can improve collagen levels as well as kidney functions

Apium Graveolens Seeds: Effective at reducing blood pressure, lowering inflammation and reducing bad cholesterol.

Alfalfa: Effective at reducing cholesterol, lowering blood pressure and getting rid of kidney stones.

Jujube: Effective at treating detoxification, reducing anxiety as well as insomnia.

Chanca Piedra: This is an antioxidant that also supports healthy inflammation responses, digestive health as well as kidney function.

Taraxacum Leaves: Highly potent antioxidants that help protect bone health, cleanses the liver and fight inflammation.

Barberry: Prevents fat storage as well as supports healthy cholesterol levels.

Brassicas: Regulates inflammation in the body and naturally supports the making of glutathione, a key antioxidant in the body.


  • Tackles the root cause rather than just the symptoms
  • No pressure on the body
  • Easy to comply with, just take two tablets a day with water and you are done.
  • Revitalizes the body
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • No side effects
  • Free Colon cleanse on Multi order
  • FCA approved


  • Only available online from limited sources.
  • No indications of lead times for shipping per country.


Leptitox has been described as ‘revolutionary’, and is completely free from any animal by-products, so is safe for those with vegetarian and vegan sensitivities, and neither does it contain any GMO ingredients.. There are few products out there that give such assurances and garner such praise. It is all-natural, safe, effective and pure. It is comparatively affordable and easily obtainable. It is no exaggeration to say that this unique supplement will change the dietary market for good, and greatly improve the health of countless numbers of individuals around the globe.

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